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Authentic Thai Cuisine

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3550 S General Bruce Dr. Suite 124. Temple Tx.


8 Tom Yum Soup W/Chicken $10.65

Thai spicy broth flavored with lemongrass, lime juice, Thai chilies, onions, and tomatoes.

9 Tom Yum Seafood $12.95

Shrimp, mussels, squid, onion, tomatoes, spicy sauce, and fish fillet.

10 Tom Jued $8.70(Chicken, Pork, or Tofu)

Crystal clear noodles with cabbage, carrot, green onion, cilantro, and fried garlic

11 Tom Kaa Gai $8.65

Spicy lemongrass soup with coconut milk, lime juice, chicken, tomatoes, and mushrooms

12 Sukiyaki (Pork or Chicken) สุกี้ $9.60

Glass noodles, egg, green onion, lettuce, celery, and mushrooms

13 Tom Yum Soup Noodles (Chicken, Beef, Pork) $10.65

Rice Noodles, Thai spicy broth flavored with lime juice, Thai chilies, green onions, and cilantro

14 Thai Style Noodle Soup (Chicken, Beef, or Pork) ก๋วยเตี๋ยวน้ำ $9.65

Rice noodles, green onions, bean sprouts, cilantro, and fried garlic

49 Laht Nah ลาดหน้า $9.65

Flat rice noodles with broccoli,

 carrots, baby corn, and Thai sauce

50 Laht Nah Mee Grob ลาดหมี่กรอบ $9.65

Fried egg noodles with broccoli, 

carrots, and baby corn

Thai Salads

15 Yum Nuea (Beef Salad) ยำเนื้อ$9.65

Spiced beef with onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, green onions, cilantro, and lime juice

16 Som Tum Thai (Papaya Salad) ส้มตำไท $8.99

Papaya, tomatoes, Thai chilies, shrimp, garlic, lime juice, peanuts, and carrots

17 Som Tum Lao (Papaya Salad) ส้มตำลาว $8.99

Papaya, tomatoes, Thai chilies, garlic, lime juice, pala and carrots

18 Som Tum Pu-Pala (Papaya Salad)ส้มตำปูปลาล้า $8.99

Papaya, tomatoes, Thai chilies, Crab meat, garlic, lime juice, and carrots

19 Yum Seafood ยำทะเล$12.95

Shrimp, mussels, squid, onions, tomatoes, green onions, cilantro, Thai chilies and lime juice

20 Yum Woon-Sen (Chicken or Pork) $8.95, with seafood or shrimp ยำวุ้นเส้น $9.50, with shrimp or Seafood $12.95

Clear glass noodles, onions, green onions, tomatoes, celery, cilantro, and lime juice.

21 Nam Tok (Beef or Pork) น้ำตก$9.75

Green onion, onion, Cilantro, chili peppers, Mint leaves, and lime leaves

22 Laab ลาบ $9.85

(Chicken, Beef, or Pork)

Green onion, onion, Cilantro, chili peppers, Mint leaves, and lime leaves